The most addictive way to show off ...

SmartSlap™ is the most entertaining quiz app on the block – and the first where you have to guess both the question and the answer. Besides from slapping your opponents with your blinding smarts, you can earn massive street cred' by gaining a top tier ranking in your city, area or country. You can even win fantastic real life prizes from time to time, by participating in one of our popular sponsored contests.

  • What's the question again?

    With SmartSlap™ you must figure our both the question and the answer, by taking cues from categories, question types and hints. Fear not. It's easier than it sounds.

  • World domination

    You can challenge as many friends or strangers as you like. When you slap your opponent, your local, regional and national ranking improve. Everybody loves bragging rights.

  • Play for real life prizes

    Occasionally you can play for amazing real life prizes from some of our cool sponsors. When playing for real prizes, rankings shows how close you are to winning.

SmartSlap quiz app screenshot

How SmartSlap Works

Well ... you need to guess the question, then the answer. And do it fast. Simple, really.

  • Question types

    The 3 overall question types; 2+2, 1VS3 and 1-2-3-4 help you guess the question.

  • Categories

    Sport, history, culture, entertainment, geography, science and wildcard.

  • Hints

    After 12 seconds you get a hint as to what the question might be. Sometimes it's worth waiting for.

  • Time and score

    You win if you have to most right answers. In a tie, time decides the winner.

  • Wait for opponent

    Your opponent has up to 7 days to complete the game. You'll be notified of the results.

  • Ranking and prizes

    Your ranking improves, the more you play (and win). You even can win real-life prizes.

SmartSlap quiz app screenshot

Win amazing real-life prizes

Occasionally you can join a sponsored contest, and play to win amazing real-life prizes.

SmartSlap – win real prizes in quiz app SmartSlap – win real prizes in quiz app

From time to time our amazing sponsors donate real-life prizes. You can easily join the fun, and try to win them, by entering one of the contests you find in the main menu under "Play for prizes". When you have joined, you need to beat as many of the other contenders as possible within the given timeframe. You can still keep playing with all your friends outside the competition. Winners are notified directly from within the app. Please note, that you can only enter one contest at a time.

How to play for prizes

  • Join a competition from the menu. Tap "Play for prizes" and choose the competition you wish to join.

  • In your rankings you can now see a new tab with the competition standings. Challenge other players, by tapping them in the ranking leaderboard.

  • Competitions end at a certain date. The more you play (and win), the better your odds of winning a prize.

  • When you win a prize, you will be notified via the app. As soon as we get your adress, the prize will be on it's way.

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The SmartSlap Team

We bend over backwards to make your every available moment so much more fun ...


August Ras Jørgensen

Xcode & Java Ninja


Ole Nørgaard

Advertising Ace


Jacob Schrøder

Sales & Sweet Talk


Sebastian Sejer

Pixel Pusher

Keep Calm And Slap On

That's all folks! Now get the app, and start playing. It's great fun. Really.